BeyKem is an International law firm founded in Bursa in 2005 by Bilgehan Beyoglu and Erkan Kemer. Since it’s foundation, It has been providing consultancy and advocacy services, operating nationally and internationally.
As a law firm specializing in private law, legal services in commercial law, law of obligations (especially contraction law and rental law), labor law, international commercial contracts, inheritance law, and ax law, legislation on protection of personal data and enforcement and bankruptcy law are provided. In this context, legal services below are provided to local and foreign clients in English and German as well.


  • Legal Consultancy and Alternative Dispute Resolution Services:


  • – On current and possible future legal issues, case specific and solution oriented legal consultancy any services are provided.
  • – Prior to costly trials spread over the years, legal consultancy services such as mediation, arbitration and settlement which are fast and relatively low cost alternative dispute resolution methods are provided.


  • Judicial Services such as Litigation, Determination, Enforcement etc:


  • – Legal preparations such as pre lawsuit warnings, determinations are provided.
  • – Attorneyship and legal consultancy is provided in current or future lawsuits or enforcement proceedings.